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Every day children, some as young as 3, arrive on the streets of towns throughout Kenya. Alone and with no responsible adult care or guidance they are among the most vulnerable people on Earth.

As night falls, lonely and hungry, newcomers are drawn into a subculture of survival; by any means.

Here begins an often irreversible process of hardening, dehumanising and corrupting, that can be abusive and could end in early death.

Child Rescue Kenya, our local partner, works on the streets offering children options before street culture takes hold. Responsible adult guidance in a place of safety. Space to consider, develop, grow.

Though CRK's operation base is in north western Kenya it's reach is national and our methodology is replicated internationally.

A family for every child

We firmly believes that every child deserves a family. A family that offers love and protection, nurtures development and inclusion - enables children to become caring adults.

Working directly with street-connected and destitute children, offering them alternatives: places of safety: transitional therapy, we reestablish family links. Work with families to support their children, developing tailor made sustainable solutions that build strong social units.

Protect today, build for tomorrow

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CRK UK has been set up by a group of volunteers, all of whom have hands on knowledge of the Kenya projects: the great work they do, and the challenges they face.

Sustainability is built into every outcome, each reunited family, every child saved. It is the process however that needs supporting: "working with children cannot be prioritised to make income. Every action must only be in the child's best interest".

Our partner CRK, working with others including the Big Lottery Fund and local donors, secure over 80% of the funds needed to implement their important projects.

CRK's work is continuous. With children arriving daily, each story unique. Rehabilitation and preparation are processes that are ongoing, by nature continuous.

Kenya has no safety net for families, no children’s allowance, no state benefits, no support network. Society depends on the family unit yet does little to support it. Some children are left vulnerable at home: Children who stay at home are proportionally more likely to suffer from malnutrition than those who run to the streets where, though life is tough and abusive, at least there is food.

Child Rescue Kenya really does
transform children's lives.

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Programmes that have regional acclaim, lead best practice in the region and have projects replicated internationally.

This work benefits thousands of children and their families every year but desperately needs funding.

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